Continuing our Food in Focus online theme we’ve taken a look into the ever popular Chinese noodle dish. Don’t think of them as bland or merely a side option, our range of fantastic noodle dishes can be customised to your exact tastes and contain a wide range of delightful flavours making them a very worthy main meal.

Tell me about it

Choose from a variety of Noodle Dishes from Chicken, Beef, Prawn or Vegetables. These dishes are all made from scratch with either Soya or Oyster Sauce, which can be cooked with or without spice depending what edge you want to give them. Don’t forget, if you don’t want certain vegetables cooking in the noodles just ask for your food server what you like and dislike so we can get them just right for you.

Which wine?

As this is normally not a spicy dish any of our White, Red or Rosé wines would complement the noodles perfectly. However, Rosé wines are back in fashion and our Hardy’s Riddle Rosé would be an excellent wine to drink with Noodles, or one of our Oriental beers would also compliment them well.

What they say

“Yo Yo’s never disappoints with their noodles. They’re so tasty and incredible moreish you literally feel like you could eat them all night long. But that wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing, because then you wouldn’t have room for the delicious combo dessert platter afterwards!”
Frank Hugh, Baildon

Where can I find it?

All our Noodle dishes are very healthy and offer excellent value for money, with many under £10.00. You can find them on both the a la carte and Prime Time menus.

Did you know…

In 2002, archaeologists found an earthenware bowl containing world’s oldest known noodles, roughly 4000 years old, at the Lajia archaeological site of the Qijia culture along the Yellow River in China. Wonder what they tasted like?

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