We’ve decided to run a regular ‘food in focus’ section on the blog, each month we’ll select one of our most popular dishes and take a further look into what makes it such a hit with our customers, this month it’s Asaparagus Steamed Seabass.

Tell me about it

Steamed Seabass wrapped in enoki mushrooms, asparagus and carrots on top of a banana leaf, served with a light ginger sauce.

Which wine?

The Asparagus Steamed Seabass is best enjoyed with a glass of Vendange Pinot Grigio, dry white wine. The lightly herbed edge makes it a fine partner to the Seabass, complimenting the delicate flavours of the fish.

What they say

It was delicious! The fish was perfectly filleted, beautifully presented, cooked to perfection and delicately flavoured.

Angie Aspinall – Aspinall Ink Vist them here: www.aspinallink.co.uk

Where to find it?

The Asparagus Steamed Seabass can be found on our à la carte menu and is priced at £14.95.

Did you know…

Enoki means winter mushroom, so called because they grow at temperatures as low as 1 or 2 Degrees. They have been grown in China and Japan for over 60 years. Enoki are the fourth most consumed mushroom in the world, at approximately 100,000 tonnes per year!

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