Yorkshire is the UK’s largest county covering just less than 12,000 km2, so it goes without saying that there’s plenty to do!  Eating out, stately homes, castles – you’re never really far from anything. Even just minutes away from Yo Yo’s there is the historic Saltaire Village, built in the nineteenth century by the Victorian Wool merchant Sir Titus Salt, to provide self-contained living space for his workers. It really is a piece of stunning design and architecture so is worth visiting for that alone.

In recent times, the mill has been converted been into a range of shops – from art galleries to furniture shops to cafes, which means the mill is effectively a day out in itself.

If you’re more the outdoorsy type, then there’s the picturesque Shipley Glen, ideal for walkers and dogs. A little further afield is Haworth Village and the Thornton area, made famous as being the birthplace of the Bronte sisters. There’s the Worth Valley Steam Railway and the Haworth parsonage to name but a few of the attractions. Just visit the site above to find out more about them.

Around 20 minutes’ drive from the restaurant is the exquisite spa town of Ilkley, which without question provides some of the best scenery throughout the whole of Yorkshire. There are the famous Cow and Calf rocks which attract climbers, tourists and walkers from around the country. In the centre there’s a plethora of small, bespoke shops as well as one of the few remaining outdoor swimming pools in the country – the Ilkley lido.