In this months food in focus we take a look at the ever popular Sweet and Sour Chinese Style Chicken…

Tell me about it

Deep fried marinated chicken on a bed of sautéed peppers top with kumquat and strawberry sauce garnished with grapes, strawberry’s and physalis.

Which wine?

The Chinese Style Sweet and Sour Chicken is best enjoyed with a glass of Kleine Zalze Bush, fruity South African white wine. The exotic fruit explosion of the wine is the perfect accompaniment to the strawberry sauce.

What they say

The chicken is always very juicy and the sweet and sour strawberry sauce is delicious. Oh, and you also get fresh strawberries with it!

Susan Myers, Bingley

Where to find it?

The Chinese Style Sweet & Sour Chicken can be found on our à la carte menu and is priced at £12.50.

Did you know…

Physalis: A glossy orange fruit with similar size, shape and structure to a small cherry tomato and contained in a papery shell that looks a bit like a Chinese lamp. An associate of the nightshade relations, it is mainly grown in Colombia and South Africa.

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